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I'm Married

Feb. 14th, 2007 | 04:30 pm

On February 14th 2007 (Valentine's Day) I got married!!! It is the greatest feeling in the world being married. When you love someone that much, and you want nothing, but to spend the rest of your life with that person it is an amazing feeling. We got married this afternoon justice of the peace. In a year or two down the road we plan on having a big wedding in our home state of Connecticut. I just wanted to get married so bad, I couldn't take it anymore. lol Lilyanna was our little flower girl. she looked so adorable in that little pink dress. She had a doctor appointment yesterday she now weighs 11 pounds 10 ounces. She was 8 pounds 2 ounces when she was born. so she has gained 3 pounds. she's so beautiful. For the first time in my life I'm truly happy. I met peter the end of january. we have been together since February 1st  2006 , this has been the best year of my life. I got married to the perfect man, and I have the perfect daughter. I wasn't suppost to have children, they told me I could never get pregnant. but god brought me my little miracle. My life is everything I ever dreamed of. Every dream I ever had came true the day i met peter, and the day my daughter was born. they are my world

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Best 5 Weeks Of My Life

Feb. 4th, 2007 | 04:28 pm

Lilyanna Paige is now 5 weeks old, and she is doing great, I'm so happy that I have her and that she is healthy and happy. I enjoy waking up every morning and seeing that precious little face, and watching her smile, it makes my heart melt. She is so beautiful, and perfect, and I tell her everyday that she is the only perfect baby in the whole entire world and whole entire universe. I wish she could stay this little forever. I love her chubby little body, her little head, her little hands and feet, little fingers and toes, her little mouth, her little ears, her little nose, and her big brown eyes. She is so perfect in every single way, inside and out. I'm so grateful that god allowed me to have such a beautiful baby girl. Peter and I are doing very well, as always <3 February 1st was our One year anniversary!!! Peter is currently very sick with mono, but he's slowly getting better. It's killing him that he has to stay away from our daughter for awhile, and it's hard not being able to kiss him. February 14th ( Valentine's Day ) Peter and I will be getting married. yes married, finally we will be husband and wife, we already feel married. but now it will be on paper. I'm so happy, my life is perfect. Perfect family. I go back to work soon, my maternity leave is almost done :( I have to leave my baby, and it makes me very sad. I will have baby withdrawls... I lost 50 pounds which is very excited, that baby weight is falling off of me quick. After all the pain goes away, I'm going to start excersising alot, and eating nothing but healthy stuff. So yeah that is the update on my life, I haven't written in awhile so I thought I would update.

So goodnight Zzzzzzzzzz

Have fun watching the superbowl

Even though my team isn't playing

I don't care the Partriots are still the best team ever, and they had 3 great superbowls in a row!!!

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Lilyanna Paige

Jan. 5th, 2007 | 04:28 pm

Lilyanna Paige was born on Thursday December 28th, 2006 at 8:32 am. She weighed 8lbs 2 ounces. I can't even begin to express how happy I truly am. I have the perfect husband ( soon to be), and the perfect baby girl. My life is everything I ever wanted it to be and so much more. After my c-section was over and they put her in my arms for the first time, I cried and cried thinking to myself, This is my daughter, and she is so beautiful, I can't believe I held her inside me for 9 months. Peter is a great dad, and for once I'am confident in myself. I know I'm a great mom. I have been doing everything I can. I know I will make mistakes because I'm human, but I'm doing a great job for a first time mom, and Peter is doing a great job as a first time dad. I don't mind waking up at all hours of the night, because that's more time to see her beautiful face. She is such a great baby. I was in the hospital from wednesday night till sunday afternoon, I couldn't wait to go home. Now that I'am home everything is going great. Lily is doing great she is now 1 week and 1 day old. The sad part is is that she is going to grow up, and in all honesty I don't want her too. I want her to stay a tiny little baby forever. My family and friends, have been very supportive, and I just want to say thankyou for being by my side the whole way. especially Peter. he has been wonderful just like always. I will keep updating pictures, and blogs.


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Life Update

Nov. 15th, 2006 | 04:25 pm

Ok, here goes the life update !!!

I have 6 weeks and 4 days left of the pregnancy! No one thinks I'm going to last that long, because my tummy is growing by the day. I feel like I'm going to have a 20 pound baby,. Peter and I are doing amazing as always. He's been working alot, and keeping busy, as for me I'm not working, but I do the house wife stuff, I cook, clean, bake, sew, and all that susie homemaker stuff. hahaha, but I love it. after the baby is born I can't wait to go to work, come home, cook and have dinner with my family, and then relax with my perfect husband and baby girl. I love to work, and provide for my family, but then I love being the house wife and mom, and I know I can do it all. I'm so grateful that god has brought me my soulmate, the man I've always wanted, and the man I've always dreamed of. I'm also grateful that god has allowed me to be pregnant, and allow me to have children. God has brought me my two miracles. Peter and Lilyanna. Everything I ever wanted I now have, and I can't even begin to describe how happy I'am and how in love I'am. I also have alot of support. Peter's family is the most amazing family I could ever ask for. And as for friends, well I've got the best of them. Not only do I have support from Peter's family, but I have support from some amazing friends. My bestest Friend Amanda has been amazing. She has stuck by me since the day she heard I was pregnant. She has always supported me and my decisions and that means the world to me. I love her to death, and would take a bullet for this girl, She is not only my best friend, but the godmother of Lilyanna. her fiance Tim, has also been great, and I'm so happy my best friend gets to experience a love like me and peter's. I wish them nothing but happiness. There is also my favorite lady Justine, even though we live far apart from eachother, you are great support, and a great friend, you are the awesomest!!! I love you to death lady. I also have my married friends Skippy, and Dj. They have been amazing as well. It only takes some family, and a few friends, that's all I need, but last but not least, I have Peter, he is not only my fiance, but my soulmate, my lover, my happiness, my world, and my best friend, he is my everything. and I love him with all my heart. He has been the best support. From helping me put my pants and shoes on, (because I'm the human watermelon), to helping me out of bed, to making sure I'm always ok, to loving me, to just being there, he has been amazing. Pregnant or not he is amazing, always loving me and supporting me, and I do the same for him. People tell me, " he's gonna leave you,"or "it won't work, you met him on myspace," or " you guys rushed into things,"or "your going to be a bad mom," or " your to young to have a baby and get married." Screw that !!!  If you don't support my life and my decisions, then you don't support me, and that's fine. I don't need people like that in my life, and I'm sorry to report that alot of those people are my own family. All I have to say to them is you can try and bring me down, you can be as negative as you want, but it won't work. For the first time in my life I'am happy, and I mean truly happy, and I'm in love, nothing can bring me down. This is what Peter and I wanted, and this is our life together, noone elses. The only reason people will try to bring you down, is because they are jealous of something you have, and in this case it's love. I know I'm going to be a great wife, and a great mother. That is one thing I have confidence in. I also know that just because you become a parent, and a wife that you are still human, and that you will make mistakes, but you learn from them. I would do anything to see my husband and daughter happy, they are my world, and I want them to know that. Thankyou to Peter's family and all of the friends, that support Peter and I, it means alot trust me, and thanks for reading all this.

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I'm Engaged

Sep. 25th, 2006 | 04:23 pm

It was a dream come true, On September 24th, 2006 Peter purposed to me!!!
Peter and I had lunch with my mom this afternoon. then we came home and i put on my maternity sweats, and we went to the park...here i'm thinking that him and i are just going for a walk in the park, and then all of a sudden we stopped walking, and he told me how much he loved me, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, then he got down on one knee, and i was in shock, i couldnt breathe all i could do was smile, and then he said the magic words, " Krista Giuliani, will you marry me?" and i said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!...it was amazing this was the second best day of my life, the first was the day i met him, He moved here yesterday which was so excited. He's the first one I  see in the morning when i wake up, and the last one I see at night before bed...It's the best feeling in the world. I love him with all my heart, and i can't wait to be his wife....the baby is due in 3 months and we are getting married earlier next year.....love is a beautiful, and I'm so grateful that i found my soulmate, and that i get to spend the rest of my life with him, and grow old with him.

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wow i havent updated in awhile

Mar. 7th, 2006 | 03:44 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: Shadows fall

well alot has been going on, im still working at hottopic, i got employee of the month and employee of the district which is out of 8 stores, so yeah i was really excited about that. not to mention iam getting married at the end of this year. i finally met my soulmate, and im so in love with him. he is the most perfect man on the face of the planet, he's me with a penis lol. we are the same exact person. he's the male verison of me. all those times i thought i was in love, i didnt know what true love was till i met him. i have never been this happy in my whole life <3 he lives in connecticut, but he's moving down here for me, we are gonna save up money together and move back to connectiut. we are madly in love with eachother, well i have to get ready for work. there was my quick update

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I'm madly in love

Feb. 9th, 2006 | 03:35 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: ill nino

yeah so i met the man of my dreams, he is perfect in every way shape and form, we will be married by next year......i havent stopped smiling since the day i met him, he's gorgeous inside and out, he's smart funny loving caring affectionate, everything i could have asked for and so much more. not to mention we are the same exact person. he's coming to see me February 17th....AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT <3.....other than that ive just been working alot at hottopic.....i love my life

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South Carolina here i come

Aug. 18th, 2005 | 07:27 pm
mood: contentcontent
music: Thursday

well im not to thrilled about moving to South Carolina, but hey change is good and sometimes you need change to figure things out. I think it will do me good to get away from Southington for awhile. Although i dont know what im gonna do without Julia. Julia and i have been bestest friends for almost 7 years we havent been away from eachother for more than a day. we are joined at the hip. shes my sister, best friend, and soulmate, and im gonna miss her like crazy. Im gonna start CNA classes down there to become a certified nurses assitant. then once i save up enough money im gonna move back up here. that will probably be in january. while i have my job as a cna i will be going to college for art. i got it all planned out now i just have to do it. i still have alot of my things to pack but im doing it little by little...i hate the South, i hate country music and i hate confederate flags...oh god help me.

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Nov. 28th, 2004 | 12:48 am
mood: depresseddepressed
music: HIM

well life has been nothing but shitty...my best friend krys took his own life and it kills me inside i was with him the night he killed himself...i was the last person to see him alive and we hung out like old times listend to music smoked ciggs and drank massive amount of coffee...i was with him everyday in the summer he slept over my house everynight we were inseprable..i love him so much and i always will latley ive been really depressed and and i have no motivation to do anything i cant sleep or eat and im a big mess life just sucks without him i asked him to prom that night and he said yes i also gave him my senior picture krys and i have been through so much together..we were always on the phone or online or hanging out we even started to plan our road trip...and i promised him the position of flower girl in my wedding lol but i know he wont be there physically but in spirit hell be there through all of it

i love you krys butler...you were my best friend

2-11-88 11-16-04

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Aug. 6th, 2004 | 10:14 pm

wow my summer has been improving since my last entry been working all week hanging out relaxing i have a hair appointment thursday morning and my senior pics thursday ....life is pretty good once again im flying solo but its all good because im focused on my senior year this is the year that will rock i cant wait well going out ill update again ...ohyeah im selling my jetta new car here i come

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