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Best 5 Weeks Of My Life

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Feb. 4th, 2007 | 04:28 pm

Lilyanna Paige is now 5 weeks old, and she is doing great, I'm so happy that I have her and that she is healthy and happy. I enjoy waking up every morning and seeing that precious little face, and watching her smile, it makes my heart melt. She is so beautiful, and perfect, and I tell her everyday that she is the only perfect baby in the whole entire world and whole entire universe. I wish she could stay this little forever. I love her chubby little body, her little head, her little hands and feet, little fingers and toes, her little mouth, her little ears, her little nose, and her big brown eyes. She is so perfect in every single way, inside and out. I'm so grateful that god allowed me to have such a beautiful baby girl. Peter and I are doing very well, as always <3 February 1st was our One year anniversary!!! Peter is currently very sick with mono, but he's slowly getting better. It's killing him that he has to stay away from our daughter for awhile, and it's hard not being able to kiss him. February 14th ( Valentine's Day ) Peter and I will be getting married. yes married, finally we will be husband and wife, we already feel married. but now it will be on paper. I'm so happy, my life is perfect. Perfect family. I go back to work soon, my maternity leave is almost done :( I have to leave my baby, and it makes me very sad. I will have baby withdrawls... I lost 50 pounds which is very excited, that baby weight is falling off of me quick. After all the pain goes away, I'm going to start excersising alot, and eating nothing but healthy stuff. So yeah that is the update on my life, I haven't written in awhile so I thought I would update.

So goodnight Zzzzzzzzzz

Have fun watching the superbowl

Even though my team isn't playing

I don't care the Partriots are still the best team ever, and they had 3 great superbowls in a row!!!

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