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Summer So Far

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Jun. 30th, 2004 | 01:39 pm
mood: hopefulhopeful
music: tool of course

Well the summer started out pretty bad i lost a close friend who i have known since i was little our mothers used to work together. ive been going to the highway sight with close friends and putting down crosses candles shirts posters things she liked..and just been thinking about her alot...why did he take her..but now she is the most beautiful angel in heaven...my mom went away last weekend and threw a 48 hour party for carolyn remeber...she would have loved it...friday was her funeral and it was so hard,i also found out some shocking news about myself last weekend and im going to get it taken care of...but im torn dont know what i should do ...for my friends that know and that read this you know what im talking about...life is going good this guy matt moved down here from new york and he moved to southington...i dont know why he would move here but anyways he is now my boyfriend we are all cute and stuff.....so yeah ive been hanging out with my new crew which is a bunch of the coolest kids in the whole world caroline aka carebear scott vicki jj ...and then people like amber peter jackie and follow yeah alot of awesome times so i got to go but this is the update since i havent done it in forever laters

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