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Nov. 28th, 2004 | 12:48 am
mood: depresseddepressed
music: HIM

well life has been nothing but shitty...my best friend krys took his own life and it kills me inside i was with him the night he killed himself...i was the last person to see him alive and we hung out like old times listend to music smoked ciggs and drank massive amount of coffee...i was with him everyday in the summer he slept over my house everynight we were inseprable..i love him so much and i always will latley ive been really depressed and and i have no motivation to do anything i cant sleep or eat and im a big mess life just sucks without him i asked him to prom that night and he said yes i also gave him my senior picture krys and i have been through so much together..we were always on the phone or online or hanging out we even started to plan our road trip...and i promised him the position of flower girl in my wedding lol but i know he wont be there physically but in spirit hell be there through all of it

i love you krys butler...you were my best friend

2-11-88 11-16-04

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